Ear Wax Removal in Lubbock

Ear Wax Removal in Lubbock

Cerumen, commonly known as earwax, is a yellowish substance produced deep inside your ear canal. Its main job is to protect the inner ear from dangerous foreign substances like dirt, water, bacteria, and more. It also assists in cleaning and lubricating the canal. But sometimes, impacted earwax can happen within the ear, making your hearing weaker.

What Can Cause Earwax Buildup

Anyone can have a buildup of earwax, but certain factors affect how fast people develop excessive cerumen in one or both ears. And the most common cause of impacted earwax is improper cleaning. Sticking cotton swabs or other small objects inside the ear canal can push the wax deeper and may even damage the ear canal.

Age also plays a role in the accumulation of earwax. Old people have drier cerumen, so their ears can’t lubricate and clean themselves like they used to. This leads to faster buildup of the substance in the ears.

People who use hearing aids, earplugs, or earbuds can also develop earwax buildup faster. Since the ears are blocked by the device, it prevents the cerumen from naturally clearing the canal.

Symptoms of Earwax Buildup

An impacted ear often doesn’t show any symptoms until cerumen has already built up a lot. Although, there are a few signs of earwax buildup and blockage you can easily spot. This includes haring loss, earaches, tinnitus, and a feeling of fullness within the ear.

If left untreated, earwax buildup can lead to an infection. If you suddenly experience severe pain, fever, persistent hearing loss, and dizziness, contact your audiologist immediately.

How To Treat Earwax Buildup

Do not try to stick small items in the ear canal, like cotton swabs, pins, and your own finger. You can accidentally push the cerumen deeper, making the situation worse. There’s also a possibility of puncturing the ear drum.

Never attempt to clean your ears at home using alternative methods like ear candling, as there has been no evidence to support their efficacy. Plus, there’s a high chance that it can even result in injury.

The only safe and effective way to remove excess earwax is by going to your audiologist to have your ears cleaned. Your doctor will use a curet, which is a small curved instrument that easily scrapes off the blockage. They can also clean your canal by suctioning or by flushing out cerumen using a water pick or bulb syringe. If the hearing loss persists, the doctor can also prescribe you some ear drops and wax removal medication.

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