Encouraging a Loved One to Take a Hearing Test

Encouraging a Loved One to Take a Hearing Test

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For the adult who has lived an honest and independent life, suffering from a hearing loss can not only be challenging but discouraging. For those who know the feeling the thought of having to rely on someone else for assistance can be frustrating. For this reason, finding the strength and encouragement to speak with your loved ones about your hearing is necessary.

Causes Tension

Not only does hearing difficulty cause tension and stress for the sufferer but it can certainly cause tension in relationships. Having the volume turned up too loud on the television can sometimes cause aggravation for the individual who doesn’t understand your circumstance. Keeping communication with those around you while you still can hear is key.

Ways to Speak Up

Adults dealing with hearing impairment should first consult with someone close to them that they trust. You could talk to your spouse, children, or even a close friend. Depending on how severe the hearing is you may need your loved one to be your voice for you when speaking with an audiologist.

Providing as much detail concerning your hearing disorder is important. Tell your relative how long you’ve been experiencing hearing loss and try to elaborate over what course of time you suspect your hearing got worse. From there on your loved one will see to it that you make an appointment with an audiologist.

You can also tell your loved one or friend the things you miss about having good hearing. The more detailed you are the faster your loved one will want to pursue getting you the help you need. Timing is of the essence considering those who suffer from this condition often suffer memory loss.

Speaking with Your Loved One

It isn’t uncommon for those who deal with hearing impairment to suffer in silence and never ask for help. Sometimes relatives have to be the aggressor in a loving and compassionate way. If you are an active relative in their life you can start off by asking questions.

Depending on how old your loved one is don’t try to ask all of the questions in one day. Spread your questions out over a 2 to 3-day period and take notes by writing down what he or she tells you if necessary. Once you have this information you can call around to speak to a specialist in regards to making your loved one an appointment.

If you find it too difficult to speak to your loved one try writing your questions down and having her read your message and respond that way. If you yourself have never taken a hearing test you can tell your loved one that you are willing to get tested with them.

Most adults having a hearing issue are willing to make the appointment because they love you and they want to spend as much time with their relatives as possible. While on this journey with your loved one speak words of encouragement. Let your loved one know there is a treatment for those who suffer from hearing disorders. If you as the helper know of any additional older people that have suffered from the same issue and got the treatment you can use their story as motivation and encouragement for your loved one.

Seeking Hearing Loss Treatment

Audiologists work to prevent, treat, and diagnose hearing loss. These trained professionals work with people of all ages to find out if your hearing disorder is caused by an imbalance or something else. Knowing the severity of your hearing disorder is what you will know after making your appointment. The audiologist will also work to get you a pair of custom-fit hearing aids depending on your condition.

Hearing Disorders Affect Everyone

Hearing disorders affect nearly 48 million people living in the USA of all ages. Hearing disorders can be embarrassing for some because the lack of hearing can cause one to lose his ability to communicate fluently as he once was able to. And this can affect one’s confidence.

Unlike a heart attack that may have been preventable, hearing disorders often are not the blame of the sufferer at all. If you or a loved one is suffering in silence book your appointment today. Take back your life!

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