Hearing Test

Review of Hearing Health

Your audiologist will review your medical history and your hearing history. This information is vital in assessing the possible cause and best treatment option.

Physical Examination of the Ears

The doctor will conduct a physical examination of your ears by looking into them with an otoscope. Using this instrument, your audiologist can view your ear drum and look for issues like earwax obstructing the ear canal and infections of the middle ear.

Pure-Tone Test

This test is administered in a soundproof booth. The pure-tone test determines the lowest level you can detect sound across the hearing spectrum. All you have to do is press a button when you hear the “beep”.

Speech Testing

Next, your audiologist will conduct speech testing. You will listen to a series of one- and two-syllable words at different volumes and then be asked to repeat them. These tests help determine the lowest levels you are able to detect speech and give information on how well the auditory nerve transmits sounds to the brain.

Speech-in-Noise Testing

This final test will determine how well you hear in background noise and provides your audiologist important information regarding the impact your hearing loss has in your daily life.

Review of Results and Recommendations

Finally, your audiologist will review the results of your hearing test and relate these back to the hearing history you provided. You will work with your audiologist as a team to develop the best solution for your hearing needs.

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