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Three Common Hearing Aid Scams

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Dr. Arica Black, AuD

Thousands of people in America today suffer from hearing loss, whether it’s mild or severe. Because of that, they rely heavily on their hearing aids. However, some people would use that to take advantage of people with hearing loss. There are several hearing aid scams out there. Today, we’ll be looking at some of the most common ones so that you or your loved ones wouldn’t become another victim.

Hardball Sales and Marketing Tactics

There’s nothing wrong with trying to save money and getting the most out of your purchase, especially when buying hearing aids. However, some would do whatever they can to trick you out of your money. You may encounter ads for hearing aids that can offer you a free hearing test or a buy one, get one promo. They may seem too good to be true because they are.


There is more to choosing your hearing aids than just the price. Marketing gimmicks such as these can be common for other items but not with hearing aids. If you take on their bait, you may get an inferior hearing aid that could worsen your hearing. It’s best to do your research and contact a professional audiologist to get the hearing aid that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

Hearing Aids With Short-Term Trial Periods

Hearing aids have trial periods to allow consumers some time to acclimate to using them. These periods also let the users detect some unforeseen problems so that they can have the listening devices looked at by their audiologist or get a refund.


A reputable hearing aid provider would offer trial periods that could last for at least 30 days. Some can even offer trial periods for 60 days or more. If you’re talking to a hearing aid provider that only lets you test the listening device for less than 30 days, you should speak to someone else. A short-term trial period will not give you enough time to get the whole experience of using the hearing aids.

Avoid Mail-Order Hearing Aids at All Cost

Since ears are all in different shapes and sizes, there can be no one-size-fits-all listening device. Ordering your hearing aids via mail or the internet will only give you an ill-fitting and uncomfortable hearing aid. To make sure you get a device that fits you, contact your audiologist or hearing professional. That way, you’ll get to adjust the device so that you can use it properly.


Never settle for less when it comes to your hearing aids. If you’re in the market searching for a hearing aid, contact The Hearing Doctor to learn more about our available hearing devices.