What To Expect When Wearing Hearing Aids

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Dr. Arica Black, AuD

Hearing loss is progressive by nature, meaning it can gradually get worse over time. It is important to know that hearing aids can help stabilize your hearing status if properly fit by an Audiologist. Over time, the devices will help to keep the hearing loss from getting as worse as it could without the use of devices.


One question a new patient may have is what to expect when wearing hearing aids and how to adjust to wearing them long-term.

Changes in Sounds and Perception

When you are adjusting to hearing aids for the first time, you’ll start to notice more sounds and noises that you may not have been hearing as well before. There will likely be an adjustment period for your brain to learn which sounds to filter out and which sounds to focus on. It is important to wear the devices consistently during this process so that you are giving yourself time to adjust properly.


Earwax, or cerumen, is produced by two different types of glands in your ear canal. The main purpose is to trap foreign objects like dust and particles, keeping them away from your eardrum. Earwax also lubricates your ear canal and protects your ears from bacteria.


Wearing hearing aids can cause your earwax to build up more so than before because the earpiece stimulates wax production from your ear canal glands. When you insert your hearing aids into your ear canal, this can push the wax further down into the ear canal instead of letting it come out naturally on its own.

Itchy Ears

During your trial period, you may feel some discomfort as you adjust to your hearing aids. Our ears are not used to having something in there all the time, similar to wearing contacts in your eyes. This may cause itchiness or irritation at first, which is very common.


There are many things we can do to help with this. Your Audiologist can recommend products that can make inserting your hearing aids easier and more comfortable.


If you have more questions regarding your devices or are interested in learning more about hearing aids, talk to one of our hearing specialists today at The Hearing Doctor. Check out our website to view our services.