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What to Expect During Professional Earwax Removal

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Let’s face it: Everyone makes earwax. Some people make more than others for various reasons, including the shape of the ear canal, the ratio of ceruminous vs. sebaceous glands in the ears, and even age/lifestyle. It is not recommended to use “at home” remedies such as ear candling, q-tips, or bobby pins to remove earwax. Professional wax removal is highly recommended in order to avoid trauma to the ear, such as abrasions to the ear canal, impacted/hardened wax, or an accidental eardrum rupture.
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However, if it’s your first time undergoing professional earwax removal, you might not be familiar with the process. Here are a few things to expect when going to the ear doctor for professional earwax removal.

Detailed Medical History
The hearing care specialist will want a detailed medical history, including a list of medications you are currently taking, health conditions/diagnoses, etc. The provider will then select the method of wax removal best suited for you based on your overall health status.

Diagnosis of Excessive Wax Buildup
The provider will look into your ears using a tool known as an otoscope, which allows the specialist to easily examine your ears and find earwax buildup. The doctor can also spot any infection or small object in your ears.

Wax Removal Procedure
There are many methods of professional wax removal, including manual removal, microsuction, and irrigation. At The Hearing Doctor, manual removal and irrigation are typically used in order to remove wax buildup.

Manual wax removal involves the use of a curette and forceps to remove buildup or foreign objects. The irrigation method uses a syringe to gently pump a solution of 50% hydrogen peroxide and 50% water into the ear. This softens the hardened earwax and flushes it out of your ear canal.

After the Procedure
Once the cleaning process is complete, you may start to feel slight discomfort and sensitivity in your ears, which is normal. Your doctor may give you some ointment and topical solutions that can help with any pain.

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If you feel like you may need wax removed from your ears or are experiencing any form of hearing loss, please call and schedule an appointment with The Hearing Doctor! Our team of expert hearing care professionals can help you with earwax removal along with anything else you may need for your ears.